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Southwest Real Estate News

Scottsdale Real Estate – April Mortgage Interest Rate Report

By Alice Proski April 18, 2014
Scottsdale Real Estate

With April now here, it’s a good idea to take a look back at the Scottsdale real estate mortgage market to get an idea of where interest rates are going. Obviously, those who can anticipate the rates, can best benefit from them. So let’s take a look now. Overview Those hoping for some consistency with mortgage rates were disappointed as they turned out to be about as reliable as the weather. From one week to the next, rates went up and down, often hitting extremes on both sides of the spectrum. It might help your understanding to breakdown the month, week by week. Week 1 A sobering jobs report didn’t help either. In fact, the average rate offered for a […]

Scottsdale Real Estate – Piggyback Loans Return!

By Alice Proski April 17, 2014
Scottsdale Real Estate

There are so many different types of loans you can take out, especially where mortgages are involved, that it can be hard keeping them all straight. One of the popular forms you may have heard of is called a piggyback loan. For more information on this particular type, why it’s on the rise again and what that means for you, keep reading. Piggyback Loans A piggyback loan entails getting two mortgages at the same time. the idea is that you’ll be using your Scottsdale Real Estate home equity loan to “piggyback” on the initial mortgage. Usually, piggyback loans are opted for when the buyer can’t come up with a 20% deposit. Typically, when this happens, the solution, historically, has been […]

Your Scottsdale Real Estate Home Needs Spring Cleaning Before a “For Sale” Sign

By Alice Proski April 17, 2014
Scottsdale Real Estate

However, this season is also known for inspiring people to clean. Spring cleaning is a great time to get rid of any junk you may have acquired during winter and clean up messes the cold may have caused. However, spring is also important because it means the beginning of the Scottsdale Real Estate selling season. Getting ready to sell your home? Stick to these spring cleaning tips. The Kitchen The kitchen is easily one of the most important rooms in the entire home. Sure, it’s where your family congregates to prepare and eat meals. But it generally also shares this function when you have social gatherings too. So if you plan on selling your Scottsdale real estate home, this is […]

Scottsdale Luxury Home Recovery Poses Sales Potential For High-End Properties

By Alice Proski April 12, 2014
Scottsdale Luxury Homes

Last Friday, it was reported that the ‘recovery in higher end real estate’ was reflected in reports that depicted the activity of luxury home prices in four big cities. That activity eventually revealed that luxury home prices in those cities had fallen as much as 46 percent during the downturn; though, now those same cities have seen their prices more than double since that initial downturn. While the downturn didn’t stop buyers of Scottsdale luxury homes in the past, the increased prices have seemed to return some activity to the Scottsdale Real Estate world. Of course, luxury homeowners in the area, too, have seen some positivity out of the increase, especially since they’ve been looking to possibly sell. ‘Looking to […]

The Big Picture Of Scottsdale Real Estate And Loans

By Alice Proski April 11, 2014

While some would assume that Scottsdale Real Estate is being boosted by families seeking luxury homes in the area, that market activity is actually the responsibility of the older residents of the area. Yes, the ongoing housing recovery in our area is primarily the responsibility of older participants, particularly those from age 55 and up. ‘The big picture’ The older market is full of retired buyers looking for choice Scottsdale Real Estate properties. Many of those older market participants should also know by now that they’re very much eligible for a loan, if they were to apply for one. Now, while many older buyers do have difficulties maintaining a consistent income (especially if they’re still working in some capacity), they […]