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Southwest Real Estate News

Scottsdale Luxury Home Recovery Poses Sales Potential For High-End Properties

By Alice Proski April 12, 2014
Scottsdale Luxury Homes

Last Friday, it was reported that the ‘recovery in higher end real estate’ was reflected in reports that depicted the activity of luxury home prices in four big cities. That activity eventually revealed that luxury home prices in those cities had fallen as much as 46 percent during the downturn; though, now those same cities have seen their prices more than double since that initial downturn. While the downturn didn’t stop buyers of Scottsdale luxury homes in the past, the increased prices have seemed to return some activity to the Scottsdale Real Estate world. Of course, luxury homeowners in the area, too, have seen some positivity out of the increase, especially since they’ve been looking to possibly sell. ‘Looking to […]

The Big Picture Of Scottsdale Real Estate And Loans

By Alice Proski April 11, 2014

While some would assume that Scottsdale Real Estate is being boosted by families seeking luxury homes in the area, that market activity is actually the responsibility of the older residents of the area. Yes, the ongoing housing recovery in our area is primarily the responsibility of older participants, particularly those from age 55 and up. ‘The big picture’ The older market is full of retired buyers looking for choice Scottsdale Real Estate properties. Many of those older market participants should also know by now that they’re very much eligible for a loan, if they were to apply for one. Now, while many older buyers do have difficulties maintaining a consistent income (especially if they’re still working in some capacity), they […]

The Increasing Popularity of Smaller Houses in Scottsdale

By Alice Proski April 10, 2014
Scottsdale Houses

Although the majority of families and individuals may have found a larger Scottsdale home to be more beneficial in the past, in the recent years, the popularity of smaller Scottsdale houses found in real estate have increased drastically.  Many Scottsdale real estate agents have attempted to speculate why these smaller houses are becoming more popular, but the main reasons could be relating back to the year 1950.  The benefits associated with living in a smaller house versus a larger house are immense. Lower Tax Bills One of the largest benefits associated with owning a small Scottsdale house is that they provide you with the opportunity to save money with your bills.  It is common knowledge that the national average for […]

Understanding How to Get a Scottsdale Real Estate Home Loan as a Self-Employed Individual

By Alice Proski April 9, 2014
Scottsdale Real Estate

If you are self-employed, you are undoubtedly aware of the extra costs that are associated with being your own boss.  Although there are many benefits associated with being self-employed, this venture can present difficulties in other aspects of life such as getting a Scottsdale real estate home loan.  As more individuals are beginning to reap the benefits associated with being self-employed, it is important to consider the factors associated with trying to get a home loan via Scottsdale real estate. Legislation Changes As of January 10th, 2010, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau added a few more legislations that make it more difficult for Scottsdale home owners to acquire a home loan if there is any reasonable doubt as to whether […]

Why to Avoid Overpricing Your Scottsdale Home

By Alice Proski April 8, 2014
Scottsdale Real Estate

As a homeowner who is interested in selling their Scottsdale property, the number one factor to consider is the amount of money that you will want to sell your house for on the Scottsdale real estate market.  Considering that the buying and selling market can be incredibly fickle, it is imperative that you find a happy medium for your listing price.  Overpricing your Scottsdale home when it goes up for sale has many disadvantages that you will not want to experience as it will make the selling process far more difficult than it should be.  Below are the top reasons as to why you will want to avoid overpricing your home. Maintain Buyer Appeal Your buyers are the most important […]