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My name is Alice Proski and I welcome you to my Scottsdale Real Estate website. If you are looking to relocate to Scottsdale, a 2nd home in Scottsdale or our neighboring communities, I would like the opportunity to help you find just the right home.

We are in a great market and now is a good time to buy or sell.  I have the experience and credentials with many years of happy clients. What is more important is the service that I will provide you as you are always #1.  I can provide excellent references in all price levels in the Scottsdale Real Estate market and treat every client with million dollar service. Call me anytime to set up a personal appointment.

Due to an unparalleled commitment to providing outstanding customer service as a Scottsdale REALTOR assisting with home sales and property purchases, many satisfied customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my Maricopa County real estate services.

I would like to share some with you — Client Raves!  No pressure, just good old fashioned service.  Alice Proski (602) 620-2168.

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The Best Ways to Buy Your First Scottsdale Home

By Alice Proski September 23, 2014
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But all of the choices and decisions you have to make can be overwhelming. Determining location, selecting the size and style of your Scottsdale home, figuring out how to obtain financing, and deciding what features to look for are just some of the tasks to tackle when buying your first home. Here are some tips to simplify the process and make it easier on you. Determine How Much You Can Afford Before you start looking for a Scottsdale home, determine how much house you can afford to buy and get pre-approved for a loan. You don’t want to spend countless hours and even days or months looking at Scottsdale homes for sale in a price range that you can’t realistically […]

Scottsdale Real Estate – Living Solo in Scottsdale

By Alice Proski September 23, 2014
Beautiful Scottsdale Golf

More and more people are choosing to live solo or find themselves living alone because of life circumstances, like divorce or death. The number of young people choosing to live alone is ever increasing and the demand for housing for singletons is on the rise. In addition, more and more seniors are living independently longer than ever before. When considering Scottsdale real estate, even if you live by yourself, you will never feel alone, because every day the city offers something new for its residents and visitors to experience. Located adjacent to Phoenix, Scottsdale is a city filled with enough adventures to last a lifetime. Golf Scottsdale is home to some of the best golf courses in the country. With […]

Why is it still hard to get a Scottsdale home loan?

By Alice Proski September 23, 2014
Scottsdale Home Loans

It’s been six years since the stock market crash of 2008. Since then the economy in the U.S. slowly has been improving. Jobs are coming back. Locally, Scottsdale real estate prices are on the rise. So why is it still hard to get a Scottsdale home loan? In an attempt to prevent what happened leading up to the financial crisis in 2008, new regulations and policies were put into place regarding financing to purchase property and homes. Lenders today want more than your W-2’s and a tax return. You may be asked to provide voluminous amounts of financial information to get a loan. This is especially so if you are self-employed or own a business. Securing all of this information […]

Gilbert Homes – Move up or Stay?

By Alice Proski September 16, 2014
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You’ve been in your Gilbert home a few years and things are starting to feel a little tight. When you first moved in you had no children; now you have two. There’s no more spare bedroom for your mother to use when she comes to visit because you converted it to a nursery. It seems like all of your friends and coworkers are moving into newer and bigger Gilbert real estate. Is it time for you to follow suit?  Ask yourself the following questions to help you reach a decision. Why do you want a bigger Gilbert home? Think about why you are considering moving to a bigger Gilbert home. Is it because you actually need more space? Do you […]

Scottsdale Home Renovations for Maximum ROI

By Alice Proski September 15, 2014
Scottsdale House Interior

If you are thinking about making some improvements or renovations to your Scottsdale home, it makes sense to tackle the projects that will give you the most bang for your buck. By investing in certain renovations now, when you sell your home or want to obtain financing, you can get a great return on your investment. To get the maximum ROI for your home renovations in the Scottsdale real estate market, focus on these projects. Windows Replacing windows can be a relatively low-maintenance Scottsdale home improvement project to take on. With the right contractor, it’s a quick project that can pack a lot of punch. How do windows give you a return on your investment? First, if you replace old […]