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Investing In Scottsdale Real Estate

By Alice Proski April 23, 2014
Scottsdale Real Estate

The process of investing in Scottsdale real estate can yield any eager investor a positive result.  Sometimes, it can yield an investor a negative result. Due to circumstances like that, it’s important for any investor to ‘arm themselves with the facts’ before making any meaningful Scottsdale real estate investment today. While the market does have its ups and downs, the Scottsdale real estate market in general is considered a hot market in terms of making an investment. Beginner and serious investors both need to understand what goes into making an investment in the first place, since those same investments ultimately influence the amount of money they may make from that same investment. And, speaking of money, Scottsdale real estate investing […]

Scottsdale Real Estate – Mortgage Interest Rates – March 2014

By Alice Proski April 22, 2014
Scottsdale Homes for Sale

  According to the mortgage finance company, Freddie Mac, longer term mortgage interest rates ran up and down throughout the month of March, due to the constantly shifting economic climate that occurred on a weekly basis. Search for Scottsdale Real Estate During the first week of March 6 The first week of March saw mortgage rates plummet considerably, in accordance with a report of a decline in GDP, in addition to a rather average jobs report. The average rate on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage (FRM), at this time, fell to 4.28 percent (without fees) from the 4.37 percent rate of the previous week. As for the 15-year fixed rate mortgage, the rates there went down to 3.32 percent, a […]

The Most Important Room In Your Scottsdale Home – The Kitchen

By Alice Proski April 21, 2014
Scottsdale Home

With the kitchen being a multi-purpose living area, a lot of people practically end up living in their kitchen—to the point of putting a lot of clutter into that living space. Even if you’re not planning on selling your Scottsdale home, decluttering your kitchen is probably the most important bout of cleaning you need to do in your home. A cleaner kitchen is pretty much a happier kitchen, as they say, since everything that doesn’t need to be in there should be cleaned out, all so you can actually use your kitchen as it’s intended. Declutter the most important room in your Scottsdale home It’s pretty simple to start removing clutter from your kitchen. The problem is that it’s pretty […]

Scottsdale Real Estate – A Look at 2014 Housing Predictions

By Alice Proski April 20, 2014
Scottsdale Real Estate

Now that we’re well on our way into 2014, it might be helpful to consider the state of the Scottsdale real estate market.  Whether you’re an investor or looking to buy or sell in the near future, this is pertinent information. Before we begin examining 2014, however, let’s take some time to look back at the prior year. 2013 While there’s a lot to take into consideration when it comes to 2013, the overview is that it was a year of recovery. Most would agree we still have a long way to go, of course, but any improvement is a much needed one. Thanks to an uptick in the economy, the mortgage industry saw some much needed affection and this […]

Scottsdale Foreclosures Still Available for Careful Buyers

By Alice Proski April 19, 2014
Scottsdale Foreclosures

Last year, headlines all over the country proclaimed that the recovery we’d been waiting for were in full swing. Major indicators all pointed to an economy on the mend. SEARCH FOR SCOTTSDALE FORECLOSURES Of course, we now know that was a little premature. In fact, many experts are cautious about the rest of 2014. There’s still plenty of good news though. This past winter, when the cold usually freezes the market, single family Scottsdale homes, townhomes and condominiums all saw a 7% increase in sales over the entire country. Foreclosures Of course, an uptick in the economy also means less people declaring bankruptcy and fewer who have to suffer Scottsdale foreclosures. Nonetheless, foreclosures are still happening and many homes are […]