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There is a lot of nature to explore here and the towering and rugged Black Mountain is a prominent part of the town’s landscape.  This beautiful town is part of the Maricopa County and has a population of over 5 000 residents. Cave Creek’s history is preserved in the Arizona Archaeological Society and the Cave Creek Museum.

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Cave Creek is located immediately next to the town of Carefree and shares much of same temperate climate and beautiful landscape. It’s also a place where time seems to slow down, inviting everyone who visits to take in the wonder of the Sonoran Desert. The town motto of Cave Creek is aptly said to be “Where the Wild West Lives.” This couldn’t be more true of the town that loves it’s rich and vibrant history as a part of the the early days of western expansion. As you will notice when whenever you check out some of the authentic western saloons, ride the horse trails through the Maricopa County Park, or visit the Cave Creek Museum.

Diverse Culture

alice seger, cave creek real estateThe culture in Cave Creek is definitely steeped in the history of the wild western frontier, but it is also one of modern luxury. It isn’t an uncommon occurrence to witness horses tied outside the saloon on one side of the street, and nice cars lined up at the premium quality steak house on the other. The culture of the town values simplicity, but it also values beauty and expression. The local artist community is also doing something new and exciting at one of the many art galleries in the town every day. Much of this diversity comes from not only the cowboys who live here, but also because many of the residents are vacationers who came to the town for a visit, then quickly purchased either a vacation home or a permanent residence because they loved the life so much that they never wanted to leave.This is just how diverse the town is: cowboys, vacationers, artists; all living together in a friendly, simple town that prides itself on dodging the hustle and busyness of the bigger cities.

Maricopa County Park

alice seger, maricopa county regional parkIn 2000, Cave Creek was able to purchase the 2154 acre lot of land that was the Spur Cross Ranch in order to establish the beautiful Maricopa County Park. This landscape offers trails for riding horses or self-guided hikes on foot. It is simply bursting with color, especially during the early spring. The park is home to an eclectic variety of flowering plants and cacti, as well as ancient rock formations that are simply breathtaking in their size and impossibility of their form, sitting stacked on one another in a way that would’ve take a crane, if one was available almost 10 million years ago. For those interested in seeing the history of the culture from the source, Maricopa is a treasure trove hiding carvings and artifacts from the ancient natives who originally lived in the Sonoran Desert.

Cave Creek Museum

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf scoping out the park sparks a bit more interest in the history and culture of this area, then there is nowhere better to visit than the Cave Creek Museum. This museum houses many of the discovered artifacts from the park as well as the broader desert area. It holds everything you can think of from the Old West life, including pottery, art, sandals and clothes, and early home designs. The garden located at the museum is an even more beautiful and closer look at the landscape of the area, with a wide variety of plants and architecture to explore. The garden even has a cabin, church, and gazebo to explore and enjoy as well.

“Where the Wild West Lives”

Though the town of Cave Creek enjoys exploring its western history, they say the “Wild West Lives” there for a reason. It isn’t just a town full of old relics sitting in museums and painted on rocks, but is a living and active part of the culture of this town. Come and see the real, living culture of cowboys in this town where cars and horses both own the streets, and where cowboys and vacationers, escaping the crazy city life, enjoy the town’s amenities side-by-side everyday. This is why the usual story for most of the residents is that they stumbled into Cave Creek by chance for a weekend and discovered that they never wanted to leave!

Cave Creek
“Where the Wild West lives” is Cave Creek’s motto and true to its motto; locals and visitors alike can enjoy hiking and equestrian trails through Spur Cross Stables and Cave Creek Regional Park.  Experience the thrills of rodeos, etch unique memories in photographs at Deb’s Wild West Memories Old Tyme Photo Studio, and so much more.



For the golf enthusiasts, the Rancho Mañana Golf Club, Dove Valley Ranch Golf Club, and Tatum Ranch Golf Club will more than satisfy as well as challenge you. Additionally, there are many restaurants offering various cuisines, saloons, all levels of lodging/accommodations, the Desert Foothills Theater, Arizona Musicfest, the Sonoran Arts League, and several galleries to explore.

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Cave Creek is neighbored by the town of Carefree and is situated north of Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, and Surprise. The population of Cave Creek is well educated with 96.7% having high school education or higher and 57% having a Bachelor’s degree or higher.  Cave Creek Schools.

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About Cave Creek
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About Cave Creek
The real estate market in Cave Creek is an active one and affordable housing is part of what makes this town a choice residential location.