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Chandler Arizona is a growing community that has much to offer if you are looking to relocate or purchase Chandler Real Estate.  The city has consistently been growing throughout the years and is perfect for anyone that wants to live in a city but not a large city.  Chandler has approximately 250,000 residents.  (www.chandleraz.gov).  Chandler is a suburb of Phoenix.  Here is a page dedicated to Chandler Schools including preschools, elementary, middle and high school.
chandler golfChandler, Arizona is that perfect middle ground for those who crave the excitement and features that big cities such as Phoenix and Scottsdale offer, but without the overwhelming scope, congestion, and population that come from those larger cities. The population in Chandler is just under 240,000 which makes it big enough for a lot of fun, shopping, and exploring; but it also makes the city small enough to keep out traffic issues, lights, and all-night noise that comes from life in a bigger city.

Chandler’s Adventurous Beginnings

old chandler arizonaCirca 1891, the land that would one-day be Chandler was empty. It was a dry land that no one wanted because it was impossible to grow anything in the constantly dry weather conditions. However, 1891 was the year that it would all change as Dr. Alexander John Chandler first surveyed the land for the purpose of testing out something that he had recently become very interesting in: irrigation.

Over the years, he used the methods of irrigation that he had developed to completely transform the area. Just 20 years later, the area belonging to Chandler went from barren desert to an emerging city, acquiring it’s own high school, a luxury hotel, and the first ever golf course to be located in Arizona! It was Chandler’s innovation in irrigation that showed the country that Arizona could become one of the premier places to live in the country.

alice seger, chandler azChandler hasn’t stopped growing and innovating, however, as it continues to lead other enterprises in how we grow and bring more life to Arizona in responsible way. Recently, it received an award from the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association for a rather ambitious project. They took the effort to relocate over 250 trees from areas where they would need cutting down for city growth, and replanted to help them continue to thrive in new parks and areas throughout Chandler. This is how Chandler continues to grow and lead in creative ways, making it a shining example to the rest of its state!

Water Everywhere

alice seger, octillo parkChandler went from being just another dry piece of land to a thriving city in just a generation. Now, it looks starkly different as water sports have become one of it’s most popular things to do! The community center holds classes for all kinds of aquatic sports, as well as a host of events and competitions. Then there is the Mesquite Grove Aquatic Center. This huge water park received the award of excellence from the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association. This is just another example of the incredible change that the city of Chandler has made to the whole state of Arizona! This park has something for everyone including official competition swimming pools, water parks for adults and kids, and water slides. The park is a favorite place to take the family during the hot summer days, and it even has plenty of great shaded areas with furniture and drink service for those who’d rather enjoy the day without getting wet.
Alice Seger, Chandler-Mall-Nordstroms

Best Shopping in the Phoenix Area

In addition to golf, swimming, and area parks, Chandler also just happens to have an incredible shopping experience! The beautiful Chandler Village outdoor plaza is loaded with a variety of stores pertaining to every kind of interest. It’s also home to the Chandler Fashion center, which is filled with over 180 shops and restaurants for you to explore when you’d like to go browse what’s there. Even if you don’t want to necessarily spend a lot of money, the shopping in Chandler has an eclectic variety of shops that are just fun to browse and explore!

Art and Museums

Alice Seger, railway museumHere are some more of those “big city” features that Chandler offers to visitors as well as residents. The Center of the Arts is a massive multi-stage center that hosts a wide variety of ballet, theater, broadway, and musicals throughout the year. It also has large galleries which give you plenty of local and national art to enjoy!

There are also more than a few museums of different types in Chandler. Many of them are free to explore, ranging from the transportation and art museums to the wildlife center and the really popular Vintage Museum. Many of these are a must for anyone new to the area, just to get a grasp on all that the city of Chandler offers!

Chandler Arizona

Chandler is nestled between Arizona’s major cities, bordered by Tempe to the north and west, by Mesa to the north, and also by Phoenix.  This makes it easy for residents to visit the larger cities, but  still enjoy the smaller city feel by living in Chandler.  Residents will also find that the temperatures are great throughout the year and pretty indicative of the average temperatures in Arizona.  The summer months can get pretty warm but on average are in the 80s and hit lows of around 70.  Throughout the year the temperatures can vary from low 40s to highs of over 100.

According to the City’s 2012 Economic Development Report top employers in Chandler include:

# Employer # of Employees
1 Intel 10,300
2 Bank of America 3,650
3 Chandler School District 3,000
4 Wells Fargo 2,600
5 Chandler Regional Medical Center 2,100
6 Ebay/PayPal 2,000
7 Verizon Wireless 1,695
7 Microchip Technology 1,540
9 City of Chandler 1,523
10 Freescale Semiconductor 1,450



Chandler is proud of their Ostrich Festival, which includes ostrich races that are captivating and hilarious!  Visit the Ostrich Festival website for great attractions including Rhinestone Roper, Freakshow Deluxe, Petting Zoo, Axe Women Loggers of Maine and more.

Chandler Skateparks

One of the top Skateparks in the nation is right in Chandler!  The Skate Park is located at 4500 S. Basha Rd. Amenities include concrete bowls, decks, blocks, and metal rails, as well as a ramada and playground adjacent to the Skate Park.

Winter hours are 8 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.
Summer hours are 7 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.
The facility is closed until 3 p.m. on the last Wednesday of every month for maintenance and repairs.

For more information on Chandler, you can Visit Chandler for up-to-date events.

About Chandler Arizona
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About Chandler Arizona
Chandler Arizona is a growing community that has much to offer if you are looking to relocate or purchase Chandler Real Estate.