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This community is home an eclectic variety of architectural styles which are just a diverse as the people who live there. Every inch of the DC Ranch has been meticulously assembled to take full advantage of the beauty of its natural landscape, featuring garden homes, patios, haciendas, ranch-style homes, and townhomes. In addition to its open and friendly community, the ranch uses 14 different 24-hour gates to provide safety to all, without compromising the convenience of access to rest of Scottsdale anytime day or night.

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DC Ranch Country Club

Much of the variety in the DC Ranch’s architecture comes from the community’s commitment to adequately mirror the different landscapes and their styles into the homes’ constructions. The Country Club, for instance, is where the Ranch started and is relatively flat compared to the other areas of the ranch. Thus, the styles of homes are all designed with cool earth tones and a hacienda or ranch construction. These homes appear elegant and classic, looking almost as if they grew right from the land itself. Silverleaf, on the other hand is situated around rolling hills and gardens. Taking advantage of the unique beauty of the area, Silverleaf homes are exquisite garden homes with patios and quick access to the golf course. And then we have the Desert Parks subdivision; surely the most close-knit area of the community. All of the town homes, luxury apartments and single homes are connected together giving everyone a genuine sense of community and friendship. The outdoor play areas and night lighting make it even more inviting to step outside and meet the neighbors of Desert Parks.

Alice Seger, Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Preserve

The pride of the DC Ranch is, without a doubt, its connection to the McDowell Sonoran land preserve. This living natural treasure is home to a wonderful array of plants and wildlife that you may even get to see if you trek any of its 60 miles of trails! Though it is a preserve, the founders are passionate about educating others about the wonders of nature in this beautiful part of the country, and they keep all of these 60 miles of trail open so that visitors may see and learn why the preserves are so important. There are several options for exploring these trails including guided tours, hiking, running, mountain biking, horseback riding, and even rock climbing on the nation’s largest vertical rock faces.

Environmental Stewardship

This dedication to preservation extends beyond the preserve, as the DC Ranch manages an even deeper and more robust recycling program than that of Scottsdale itself. Literally, nearly 100% of all the trash is recycled. The community leaders have worked tirelessly to ensure that everything from electronics and water filters, to clothes and plastics can be recycled. In keeping with these principles the Ranch also has a full-size community garden and farmers market. All the food grown in the community garden is completely organic and sustainable, making the foods of the DC Ranch both healthy as well as fresh and local! Residents of the ranch can even lease parts of the community garden to grow their own delectable produce.

Community Center

Not only does the DC Ranch have access to 16,000 acres of preserve, but also a massive fully furnished 4-acre community center. The amenities in this impressive center include a dance floor, a community theatre, the adventure play-area for kids, and of course basketball courts and a swimming pool. Between the community center and the activities it hosts there is always something exciting to do at the DC Ranch!

DC Ranch, DC Ranch Country Club, DC Ranch Real Estate, Alice Seger, Scottsdale REALTOR
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DC Ranch, DC Ranch Country Club, DC Ranch Real Estate, Alice Seger, Scottsdale REALTOR
DC Ranch is a friendly, gated community located directly against the beautiful 16,000-acre McDowell Sonoran Preserve.