About Grayhawk

grayhawk real estateGrayhawk is located right in the center of Scottsdale. And even more so than the rest of Scottsdale, Grayhawk has been known for its vibrant and growing tourism. Tourism in the community accounts for 31% of the area’s income. And it’s no wonder; Grayhawk is an area absolutely teeming with life! Grayhawk features over 500 acres of beautiful parks that are open to residents and visitors alike.


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The biggest part of the area in addition to the wonderful outdoor parks is the nationally renown Grayhawk golf course, which invites visitors from around the country to compete its two large courses with the beautiful McDowell Mountains as their backdrop.

The Grayhawk community has continued to grow since its beginnings in 1994, not only into a hugely successful area of tourism and commerce, but also into a perfect location to live, settle down, and grow. Residential real estate in the area has just exploded in recent years, including everything from beautiful condos and new townhomes around the park to large luxurious homes. The local community is thriving at every turn.

Whole Family Experience

Extended family sitting outdoors smilingWith the popularity of the Grayhawk golf course and the exciting night-life and dining experiences, many people aren’t aware of the great variety of life that Grayhawk has to offer for all its residents, both young and old. Out of all the exquisite outdoor parks, 7 of them have recreation designed for specially children 8-years and up! This doesn’t just include the usual playgrounds, but also softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and more. Many of these have sponsored events from the active Girls and Boys Club in the area. Some of the most recent events that have really been a hit included a Hawaiian luau, costume parties, and the Splish-Splash Dash which was the annual way residents beat the heat and get soak with a fun assortment of water rides and games. Events like the Daddy-Daughter Dance are great fun for parents and kids alike as they get a chance to kick up their heels! All of these and more have been great ways to keep the kids busy and give the parents a way to enjoy the fun too.

Adventure Awaits

Grayhawk trailsTraverse the Valley of the Sun within the trails and mountain passes that run throughout Scottsdale’s landscape. The trails range in difficulty and excitement depending on how the daring hiker is willing to push. The foothills of the breathtaking McDowell mountainside provide not only a place to hike, but it’s also the perfect place for visitors and residents to unwind as it invites everyone to enjoy its splendorous landscape.

Serious Golf

grayhawk golfThe Grayhawk golf course features 2 full-size 18-hole courses that golfers from around the nation visit just to have the chance to play these exciting, professional courses laid against a background of the spectacular mountainside. Tournament season is a time of excitement and fun for the area, as it prepares to host different tournaments, as well as the PGA golf tour.

A Place to Stay

The community is always actively adding new things to make Grayhawk an even better place to stay a raise a family. No season drifts boringly by as the Grayhawk area residents host fun Christmas events, get out the candles and music for Hanukkah events, and hide eggs everywhere for the huge Easter egg hunt! Other community events even include the Grayhawk Babysitter Expo, where parents can meet all the prospective sitters to watch the kids so Mom and Dad can get out for the evening. This community is so creative and active, proving that this isn’t only a great tourist spot, but also an awesome place to move into, and grow up at.