About Paradise Valley

alice seger, paradise valley real estateParadise Valley is a suburb just outside Scottsdale that offers its residents a luxury lifestyle surrounded on all sides by a mountainous backdrop with quick and easy access to everything that the city of Scottsdale has to offer. The town is a small community, but it’s one that is close enough to the action in Scottsdale that it gets full use of Scottsdale’s amenities without the hassle that comes from living in the city.

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Paradise for a Reason

The residents have made the motto of Paradise Valley “There is a reason we call this valley Paradise.” That reason is that, thanks to being secluded in the mountainside, this little community feels refreshingly different from its nearest neighbors. The sandy landscape is surprisingly interrupted with green as the valley is covered with trees, bushes, and shrubs that all thrive in an area that gets constant sunshine and very little rain. Also, the real estate in the area is just immaculate! The feeling of paradise comes from the experience of those two things. All the architecture in the estates and condominiums is designed to compliment the mountainside while also being the very best in modern luxury.

alice seger, paradise valley


The weather in Paradise Valley is simple to explain. It’s sunshine; all the time! Paradise Valley gets an average of 294 sun-filled days out of the year, making it a place of constant freedom to go out and enjoy the day. Those days do make the climate hot on occasion, especially in July which is the hottest month of the year climbing up to as high as 104°F. The rest of the year is warm but pleasant. Even in the winter, the coldest temperature is 35°F in the middle of January, making most of the year very temperate and enjoyable. This is just another reason why, if you like warm weather, you may feel that the valley is indeed paradise.


As mentioned earlier, the landscape is surprisingly green. The town of Paradise Valley enjoys the shade and natural beauty that these plants provide. It gives the valley an almost oasis-like feel. The backdrop to this green little town is the mountainous terrain that spans in every direction. To the North you have Mummy Mountain, and to the south is Camelback Mountain. Both of these are exquisite pieces of landscape that residents get to see every day.


The community of Paradise Valley is one of luxury. The homes are built as beautiful, large estates that stretch into the land and provide a luxurious getaway for anyone inside. The town itself is so close to the city of Scottsdale that it shares many of its municipalities. For one, the residents of Paradise Valley are included in the Scottsdale Unified School District, meaning that all the students attend school in Scottsdale. This is how Paradise Valley works in terms of amenities. It does have several niche stores in the community, but it relys heavily on being so close to Scottsdale that is essentially a part of that city. With Paradise Valley, what you get is the peace-of-mind that comes from being outside of the city, free from noise and congestion but close enough that you can enjoy all the great events, restaurants, and entertainment that Scottsdale affords its own residents. It’s a mix of the two worlds. And that’s just one more reason they call it Paradise!