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Sound the Alarms Scottsdale, Bitcoin Is Here To Stay

The traditional way of selling Scottsdale property is to contact a Scottsdale real estate company.  However, there is now a new alternative; you can sell your Scottsdale property in Bitcoins which is an online virtual currency. It sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

It’s Not All Bad!

Scottsdale Bitcoing

The new Bitcoin revolution sounds like a disaster for the Scottsdale real estate market but, surprisingly it’s not all bad news. In fact, it actually means that your property is opened up to a wider market and it can also grab the attention of the local media, thus making more traditional buyers aware of your property.

Bitcoins and Simoleons

Last December, a man put his New York property up for sale for $799,000 worth of bitcoins. It sounds absurd, who on earth would sell their Scottsdale property for virtual money? It sounds like the game, the Sims, where you buy and sell for Simoleons. So, is the Scottsdale real estate market becoming like a computer game? The man from New York may sound like a fool but, he’s not the only one doing it; a twenty-two year old Canadian man also advertised his home in March.

Bitcoin Bankers

Bitcoin attracts users who don’t necessarily trust traditional, government-printed cash, and want to secure their payments in an entirely different currency. On Bitcoin, all you have to do is set up a ‘bank account’ with enough bitcoins in it to pay for the dollar equivalent and you’re away. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? The owners of Bitcoin have vowed that only a certain amount of Bitcoins will be able to circulate so Bitcoin buyers will never be harmed by rising inflation. Apparently the Bitcoin buyers actually believe them.

Not Just For Nutters

Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 and has been gaining popularity steadily for the last few years. Even respected companies such as: Virgin Atlantic, Overstock.com, the Sacramento Kings, Atomic Mall, TigerDirect, Zynga, and Clearly Canadian now trade not only in dollars, but also in Bitcoins. So, it’s clearly not just for nutters, is it?

How Could It Help You?

So, how exactly will this new currency help you to sell your home in Scottsdale? Well, users of Bitcoin are aware of its growing popularity and potential, as well as being slightly more technologically advanced that your average American. Credit cards now charge a 2 to 3% transaction fee whereas Bitcoin fees are practically non-existent. Bitcoin is currently operating in a small market, with the target audience only really paying attention to products which can be traded in Bitcoins. It’s also time to acknowledge that some traditional buyers, who accidently stumble across this revolutionary site, will be intrigued enough to investigate and maybe even buy your property. At the moment, Bitcoin can basically be used as free advertising and, who’s going to say no to that?

However, if you, like many, think that the Bitcoin brainwave is absurd and for fools, contact me to discuss a plan, which maybe doesn’t involve Bitcoins, to sell your beautiful Scottsdale property.

~ Alice Seger Proski ~